Smart classroom is technology-enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, specialized software, audience response technology, assistive listening devices, networking, and audio/visual capabilities.

Designed for computer-enabled classrooms. SMART ClassroomTM Suite interactive learning software provides teachers with the essential tools to manage classrooms, assess students, and encourage collaboration.

Why Do You Need a Smart Classroom?

The following are features which a smart classroom is made of:

  • Interactive Display: Interactive displays are used to showcase dynamic interactive multi-media content on any LCD screen, plasma screen or glass storefront window. Using EyeRIS, a camera-based device which has gesture recognition technology, the system can adapt to any flat surface and make it interactive.

  • Collaborative Learning: In a smart classroom, with products such as Spark devices powered by technology, collaboration within a class becomes very easy. Teachers and pupils can come and collaborate on the interactive display, which has multitouch feature, or from their dedicated devices to push their thoughts and doubts on to the display for everyone in class to see.

  • Curated Educational Material:Teachers, school adminstrators and parents do not have to hesitate about using the internet of teaching content as the line of products already come with curated educational material. The internet content is always updated and filters out anything irrelevant material for classroom purposes.
  • A Teacher’s Assistant App:
    It is not uncommon to find a teaching assistant in a traditional classroom. Just like any other assistant, the teachers will find a confidant in AskEins. AskEins is an in-built learning assistant in Spark devices that helps teachers prepare for lessons and teach concepts effectively.

  • Remote Classroom Access: Absence in class is a common incident; be it the flu, fever or a holiday. Now students in a smart classroom won’t miss a day of learning, thanks to the technology which enables remote access to an ongoing class. With the permission of the teacher the student can attend the class from wherever he or she is at.

  • Lesson-Plan Creation:With the help of AskEins, a teacher can take a break from the painstaking process of lesson planning. He or she can make lesson plans on the go! One needs to only login and ask the assistant to populate information pertaining to the topic from the curriculum and Voila! A lesson plan for the particular session is ready. Teacher can now focus on teaching.

  • Save Class Option: If a teacher feels that the class is worth saving for future reference or to pass on to students for revision, he or she can do so. The entire session can be saved in MyCloud and can be revived anytime it is necessary.

  • Animated Modules and Videos: In today’s classrooms children are smarter than the methods of teaching, as they have access to alternative source of information like the Internet. So, a smart classroom, in order to keep up with these tech-savvy children, attracts attention by displaying animated media, such as videos, pictures and audios pertaining to the lesson in hand. This not only enhances the aesthetics of teaching but also helps students remember and visualise concepts in their mind, making them easier to learn.

  • Both students and teachers, are growing enthusiastic about Smart Classrooms and are thrilled about these new innovative and interactive learning sessions, around the globe. The smart classroom approach enables utilisation of the computer, projector, internet and multimedia devices to maintain pace with the modern education scenario.

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